CLR-RS232-S14 @ RS232 Splitter 1:4 Sinyal Bölücü

İletişime Geçiniz CLR-RS232-S14 @ RS232 Splitter 1:4 Sinyal Bölücü


  • Connection description
    • Computer serial port to ' INPUT, port on the splitter with RS232 cable.
    • Splitter’ s 'OUTPUT' ports to terminal devices with RS232 cables.
    • Connect power adapter to,DC 5V' port.
  • Basic parameter
    • 1 input port for computer, multiple ports for terminal devices.
    • The current input is suitable for RS232-C,DB9 female port.pins instruction: No.2,transmission; No.3, receive;No.5, round.
    • The current output is suitable for RS232-C,DB9 female port.pins instruction: No.3,transmission; No.2, receive;No.5> ground.
    • (Analog of computer serial port output sequence)
    • Maximum drive distance meet RS232-C.
    • Connector type DB9.
    • Male baud rate determined by signal transmission device.
    • Whole hardware design .support arbitrary baud rate and any protocol format.
    • No any delay with data transmission and receiving.
    • Multiple cascade is acceptable.
    • Support one computer controlling multiple terminal devices.
    • Support multiple computers controlling one terminal device.
    • Automatically output after wire connection and turn on the power, no need any switch.
  • Package and accessories
    • One set of product.
    • 5V/1A power supply 1pcs.
    • Use manual.


CLR Networks CLR-RS232-S14 RS232 1 Giriş 4 Çıkış Sinyal Bölücü / Splitter


1 adet Seri RS232 giriş sinyalini 4 adet RS232 çıkış sinyaline dönüştüren bir sinyal bölücüdür. Giriş ve çıkış portları izolasyonludur.

Temel Fonksiyonları

  • 1 Giriş 4 Çıkış RS232 Sinyal Bölücü


Model Bilgileri
Ürün KoduCLR-RS485-S14
Seri Haberleşme Cihazı Özellikleri
Seri Port Sayısı1*RS485 Giriş, 4*RS485 Çıkış

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Doğrulama Kodu
  • Görünüm: 1408
  • Ürün Kodu: CLR-RS232-S14
  • Stok Durumu: İletişime Geçiniz

Etiketler: Seri Haberleşme, RS232 Splitter, RS232 Bölücü, RS232 Hub, RS232 1:4, RS232 Sinyal Çoğaltma